Westport’s legendary vintage-ice-cream-van-driving & record-collecting DJ rolls up to unleash his famously groovy + global freestyle DJ-set at BnS.

Chill That Mind along to Mr Whippy’s Sonic Tonic of Tropical Treats and Vintage Beats, served exclusively on old-school vinyl platters.

Let Mr Whippy take you by the hand, and welcome you to a Dessert Island Disco wonderland.

Mr Whippy Soundsystem is the brainchild of a long-time record collector and designer, who restored his adorable vintage 1970’s ice cream van into a vinyl record treasure-trove and DJ-booth in order to bring the dancefloor outdoors to the sunshine for summer festivals, including Dessert Island Disco, a Clare Island summer highlight. As a DJ, Mr Whippy has been jazzin’ up clubs, street parties, festival stages, cocktail bars and discos with his underground club sounds since the golden-age of 1990’s club culture.

You may never have heard music like this in your life before! …. underground club sounds from the world’s tropical dancefloors on fine vinyl analog audio quality: it sure gonna be groovy!



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