Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy Body&Soul22

“I’m actually proud of every record I’ve made and that’s an amazing thing to be able to say. If there’s going to be an ultimate success story with my career it would be that the catalogue’s going to mean something solid in the future.”

Róisín Murphy guards over her songwriting career like a lioness protecting its cubs and with good reason. A quick glance, from left field downtempo bangers like ‘Party Weirdo’ to Top Of The Pops smashes like ‘The Time Is Now’ and ‘Sing It Back’ with Moloko and a wildly divergent solo career that has flitted joyfully from Italian song to powerhouse tracks like ‘Let Me Know’ means she has stealthily developed into Britain’s most innovative and restless artist.

Murphy’s rising status has been greatly enhanced by her presentational verve. During her Overpowered campaign she fine-tuned a visual language that has since become synonymous with any number of pop divas.

One of the few joys of the lockdown was Róisín’s YouTube channel, an oasis of Alice In Wonderland antics, club-kid performance art, live vocal performances, with hallucinogenic shape-shifting visuals, always offset beautifully by her usual sartorial flair and exhibitionism. More and more Róisín comes across as a performer in full control of the performance and the art.


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