Body & Soul

Body & Soul

Body & Soul is Ireland’s longest running independent festival, now entering its 12th year at Ballinlough Castle, Clonmellon, Co. Westmeath. Boutique, unique and carefully curated, Body & Soul is equal parts damn fine party and restorative escape.

Where & When?

Where & When?

Body&Soul Festival 2022 will take place on the Summer Solstice Weekend, 17-19 June at Ballinlough Castle, Clonmellon, Co. Westmeath.

Age Policy

What is the age policy for Body & Soul?

You must be aged 21 or over to gain access to Body & Soul 2022.

Why can't under 21's come this year?

We want to host a totally grown-up affair this year so as to reset the dial for the future of Body & Soul! Our programme will reflect this and we feel is most suited to an over 21s audience.

We’re also conscious of giving some well-earned fun to all those parents who need an escape weekend away from everyone and everything responsibility-wise.

We will fully welcome families and children back when we return to full capacity in 2023.


Will family camping and soul kids be back?

Absolutely. We will fully welcome families and children in 2023.


How many tickets will be sold in 2022?

To ensure an absolutely top-tier, meticulously curated experience for you, we’re limiting weekend tickets to 5,500 for 2022 only.

I bought my ticket for Body & Soul 2020 and held onto it. What do I need to do to use it for 2022?

Thanks for waiting for us! Your ticket is good for 2022 without you needing to do anything. 

You’ll have received an email with details from us but please contact with any additional questions.

I bought my ticket for Body & Soul 2022 but don’t want to attend Body & Soul 2022. What should I do?

All tickets are non-refundable.

How much are tickets and where can I buy them?

Weekend camping tickets will be €250 and will be available through our website. Instalment plans are available.

Presale camping tickets are now sold out.

I want to bring my campervan, can I?

Yes, you just need a campervan add-on. You can purchase that, in addition to your ticket, here

Please note: everyone travelling in your Campervan needs a Weekend Camping Ticket to enter the festival.  One Campervan ticket is required per Campervan.

Can I camp with my car?

No, tents are not allowed next to cars for safety reasons.

I can’t go anymore, can I get a refund?

All tickets are non-refundable.

What about if I want to give my ticket to a friend?

You can transfer a ticket to a friend by logging into your Ticketbooth account and paying a name change fee. We require that the correct name is on your ticket in order to enter the festival.

Can I purchase Family or Child Tickets to Body & Soul?

Body & Soul 2022 is an over 21s event. We have decided to host a very limited capacity grown-up affair this year as we return from a two-year hiatus.

Our programme will reflect this and we feel it is most suited to over 21’s. As parents ourselves, we are conscious of giving some well-earned fun to all those parents who need an escape weekend away from everyone and everything.

We will fully welcome families and children back for 2023.

Can I purchase a Pre-Sale or Early Bird Ticket?

Pre-Sale tickets are now sold out, but General Tickets are now available.

Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about Pre-Sale opportunities for 2023.

I have questions about my ticket. What should I do?

Please email for support with your ticket.


What can I expect at Body & Soul 2022?

Body & Soul is a haven for experienced partiers, late-night revellers, discerning creatives, nature lovers, peace seekers and anyone looking for a tastemaking, boutique affair.

Body & Soul observes principles of harm reduction, consent culture, inclusivity and equity.

Getting Here

I’ll be driving to Body & Soul, what do I need to know?

If you’re planning on driving to Body & Soul, we hope you carpool and bring as many people with you! You don’t need a Car Pass to park at Body & Soul 2022.

I want to take the bus to Body & Soul, what are my options?

Body & Soul has bus partners to help get you here in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our bus tickets will be on on 23 May. Check back or sign up for our newsletter to be in the know.


What is the Leave No Trace Weekend Pass?

The Leave No Trace Weekend Pass gives you access to the ‘green campsite’ for conscious campers.

It’s where the soundest people at the festival camp, basically, leaving the trashed-tent wastelands of yesteryear in the dust. 

Leave No Trace campers enjoy faster entry to the festival, dedicated eco-facilities and an eco café. The only thing you have to do? Pack out what you pack in.

I want to camp in the Boutique Campsite, what are my options?

For Body & Soul 2022 we will be offering Boutique Camping options through our camping providers. Find available options here. 


I want to pick up my tent at the festival, how can I do this?

We work with Pamper the Camper to provide camping packages that you can collect (and even have pre-pitched for you!) at the festival. These packages will be available through our website.

Can I park my car beside my tent?

No, vehicles are not permitted into any of the campsites or the campervan area for health and safety reasons.

What about if I have a campervan?

Campervans are permitted into either the campervan area, with a Campervan pass. You’ll need one campervan pass per vehicle and this is required for you to enter your campervan area. Campervan passes are available to purchase on our website under tickets.

Can I bring a caravan?

Yes, you can park a caravan in the campervan area. However, once positioned you will need to unhitch and park your car in one of the car parks. Please note that a campervan pass will need to be purchased for your caravan.

Can I park a commercial style van (hi-ace, transit, etc.) in the campervan area if I have a campervan pass?

No, sorry. Only proper purpose-built or adapted live-in vehicles will be permitted.

Can I bring extra gas for my car or caravan?

No, no extra gas is permitted onsite for your vehicle and idling is strictly prohibited in all campgrounds.

Can I bring my pet?

No, we don’t allow pets on site.

Can I bring a gazebo?

No, we don’t allow gazebos for health and safety reasons.

I want to swap my ticket from one campsite to another?
If you would like to swap your tickets from one campsite to another, please contact the Ticketbooth Support team directly at and provide your name, Confirmation ID (that is written on your tickets) and number of tickets that you wish to swap.
The Ticketbooth Support team will be happy to process the swap for you.
Do I have to camp?

No, you can do so if you wish, but you can also come and go from the festival site if you like.

Please note there are only weekend camping tickets available.

Is there non-camping weekend tickets?


What food is on offer at Body & Soul?

Essentially, it’s a kitchen party, the likes of which dreams are made of.  We pride ourselves on having a broad range of food options for every taste and desire. Our Walled Gardens are being overhauled this year, to become a feasting arena for all of your senses.  Food traders of all persuasions, craft beer and cocktail bars will be interspersed with a programme of comedy, talks and debate.

We always have plenty of options for vegetarians, vegans, eco-carnivores and those with particular  dietary requirements. We release more detailed information on our traders in the run up to the festival. Follow us on social media and keep up with our newsletter to find out more.

Can I bring food with me?

Yes! We have designated barbeque areas in our campsites for you to bring your own disposable barbeques and cook away. However, we do not allow gas camping stoves on site for health and safety reasons


Are there bars on site?

Yes! There will be boutique bars serving cocktails, beer, wine, champagne and cider throughout the site. Stay tuned for the announcements for each bar!

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Each individual is permitted to bring the below amount of alcohol for personal use, provided it isn’t in glass containers. Decant your spirits and wine into reusable bottles before you arrive! 

Please do not bring any single-use plastic bottles to the festival and drink responsibly.

Alcohol can be brought onto the site at time of first entry only. There is no re-entry with alcohol once wristbanded.


24 X 500 ml cans of beer, cider or ready mix drinks


1 X 750ml bottle of spirits


1.5 litre wine box

NOTE: No alcohol permitted on Sunday day passes.

This applies to all ticket holders, performers and event staff.

You will be checked at point of wrist-banding.

Absolutely no re-entry with alcohol once wrist-banded.

Sunday ticket holders are not permitted to bring any alcohol – it will be confiscated at point of wrist-banding.

Can I bring my alcohol with me into the arena?

Yes, you can. Body & Soul operates a free flow policy, which means you can bring the personal limit of alcohol that you brought to the festival into the campsites and main arena. 

We’re sound like that.

To recap:
  • There will be no further searches once you have been admitted to the festival – search is at point of entry only.
  • Liquids of any sort, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, can be brought wherever you wish.
  • No glass containers are permitted on site whatsoever. Please ensure you have decanted your alcohol into a stainless steel or reusable bottle prior to arriving to the festival.
  • Please do not bring any single-use plastic bottles to the festival.
  • There are free water points throughout the site.
  • Please do not bring any single-use plastic bottles to the festival.
  • Sunday ticket holders are not permitted to bring alcohol into the festival site.
Will there be places to refill my water bottle on site?

Yes, and we recommend it! We will also have water in recyclable and refillable vessels for sale.

Can I bring non-alcoholic beverages with me?

Yes, provided they are sealed. We will have water for sale throughout the site in 100% recyclable cartons. We will also have water refilling stations & highly encourage you to bring along a stainless steel bottle.

Life Onsite

Will there be ATM’s available?

Yes, there will be ATM’s available on site.

Are there showers available?

Yes! More information about showers will be available shortly.

Can I charge my phone onsite?

Yes! More information about this will be available shortly.

Can I bring my pets?

We love pets, and this is why we ask that you keep them at home!

Are there medics onsite?

Yes – we have a medics tent both in the arena that is open during showtimes and also in the campsite that is open 24-7 over the course of the weekend.

Prohibited Items & Activities

Prohibited Items & Activities

The safety and well-being of our attendees is at the forefront of our priorities. Stringent searches will be conducted upon entry to the festival. Anyone found carrying illicit items will have them confiscated and may be removed from the festival and passed over to the Garda as a result.

Illicit and illegal items include:

  • Illegal substances, legal highs or nitrous oxide
  • Alcohol (over and above your personal allowance)
  • Glass (except for small make-up items and perfume/aftershave)
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Unauthorized vending or selling of any products
  • Glass bottles, plastic only.
  • Gas cylinders are not permitted anywhere on campsites, including  campervans
  • Petrol Generators or Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Bonfires
  • BBQ’s
  • Fireworks or any kind of explosives
  • Tiki Torches / Candles 
  • Drones
  • Professional photographic equipment
  • Sound systems
  • Pepper Spray or Mace
  • Generators 
  • Aerosol products/cans except Sunscreen and Bug Spray
  • Lazer pens
  • Garden Furniture
  • Gazebos
  • Standup mirrors
  • Glass lighting. Plastic tipped Christmas-style lights OK.
  • Megaphones
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Fireworks, chinese lanterns, smoke bombs, flares and high power torches are not allowed.
  • Golf carts, dune buggies, segways, off-road motorcycles
  • Hi-Viz clothing
  • Bad Attitudes


What wellbeing options are available at Body & Soul?

Our Sanctuary area, offering therapies, workshops and immersive experiences, invites you to restore, repair and prepare for the wild night ahead.

How do I book a Sanctuary Experience?

Booking for the Sanctuary will be available online shortly. Please sign up for our mailing list and follow our socials for the announcement.

I purchased a voucher for The Sanctuary, how do I redeem it?

Booking for The Sanctuary will be available online shortly. Please sign up for our mailing list and follow our socials for the announcement.

I want to book in for a hot tub with the Immerse Spa Experience, how do I do it?

Booking for The Immerse Spa will be available online shortly. Please sign up for our mailing list and follow our socials for the announcement.