Pantha Du Prince

Joining us on the main stage at Body&Soul is Pantha Du Prince, the solo project of Hendrik Weber, which can be described as a fusion of house, techno and indie released through the introvert techno label Dial Records. Starting out playing the guitar before moving to electronic based music, first via a 16 channel studio mixer, combining drones with samples and a computer. These early experiments formed the basis for both his experimental music as Panthel and Glühen 4 as well as his techno as Pantha Du Prince. Having released two albums, Diamond Daze and This Bliss, as well as 2017 follow up Coming Home, his sound can be described as a bittersweet take on techno that appeals to those on dance floors as much as it does to those in living rooms. The house and techno side of Pantha Du Prince takes cues from Detroit, Moodymann of minimal and acid whilst indie tendencies are rooted in My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and psychedelia. 

“And certainly one of the best you can get this year, no matter how big the load of streaming service playlists may be today” – Coming Home review