Recently regarded as one of Europes leading drummers, R.S.A.G. aka Jeremy Hickey is a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Ireland. Based in Dublin and Paris, Jeremy records performs and produces his own material in the studio. Live he experiments with a virtual band collaborating with visual artist Geppetto. They have created silhouettes of himself projected on a screen- backing his live drums, percussion and vocals, mixed with an array of hypnotic imagery.

Since 2008, R.S.A.G. has been making waves with a seriously explosive live set and a double album release, ‘Organic Sampler’.Hickey is currently co-producing his new sounds with leading producer James Darkin (Kanye West, Rihanna, Hozier). All in all a diverse mix that reflects this one-man-band phenomenal versatility, evolving style and rapid progression. R.S.A.G.’s 3rd album is currently in its final stages of completion.

“Kilkenny man Jeremy Hickey is more sonically engaging than ever, growing his palette in the process.” – The Irish Times