Aby Coulibaly

Aby Coulibaly

Aby Coulibaly is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter mixing 90s R&B beats and buttery vocals with insightfully observational lyricism. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Aby takes inspiration from her Senegalese heritage and day-to-day Dublin life to create a sound that’s entirely her own. Described by gal-dem as “teetering on a precipice, with neo-soul on one side, and confessional rap on the other”, Aby melds worlds together with sparkling confidence and a distinct sense of identity beyond her years. Baring wisdom in her rich vocals, Aby writes songs that comfort and hearten, enveloping the listener and inviting you to take a step into her blissful universe. 

For Aby, sharing her music has been a lifelong inevitability. Singing since she was a child, Aby stepped into the limelight in 2019, uploading a handful of tracks to Soundcloud as an outlet for her creativity. Unsurprisingly, her music struck a chord and resulted in an outpouring of support. Since then, Aby has racked up more than 1.5million Spotify plays on her lushly expressive debut single “Taurus”, garnering a steady following despite releasing her work entirely independently. Support from Spotify playlists including Frequency UK and Ireland, Lush + Ethereal and Sweet Soul Sunday as well as Apple Music’s Chilled R&B propelled Aby forward, bringing in a wide audience beyond Ireland’s borders. “Taurus” is a statement of intent from a fearless artist who has wasted no time finding her feet. 

Combining her distinct tomboy style, soulful vocals and astute lyricism, Aby bares her soul with a refreshing sincerity and openness. Her use of her birth name, rather than a stage name, is a loving ode to her Senegalese background and a symbolic example of Aby’s artistic honesty. “As an artist, I am my own person.” Aby states. “I don’t put on a persona, what you see is just who I am”. 


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