Ériu is a carefully curated collection of thirteen visual stories, each one a tale intricately imagined by artists and filmmakers.
Told in unique styles, they unfold ‘betwixt & between’ the secret whisper of dawn and the gentle hush of twilight.

ÉRIU is now free to watch worldwide.

Filmed against the backdrop of its festival home in Ballinlough, Co. Westmeath, Body & Soul has momentarily stepped outside of the live festival sphere and into an experimental, visual and musical journey to present this series of visual tales, each one both a chapter and a journey spilling across the estate’s woodlands, lakes and gardens.

Body & Soul 2022

is all about you.


After two years where our live wings have been clipped, we’re doing things differently next year. Expect some seriously fancy bits, some old-school bits, some properly posh bits, some blow-your-mind bits and some quieter, live-in-the-moment bits.


Throughout it all, our focus will be on YOU.


If you’ve been to Body & Soul before:
You know the drill & we’d love to invite you back.


If you’ve never been to Body & Soul:
We forgive you! Either way, let us know you’re coming and we’ll roll out the welcome mat just for you.


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Body & Soul
An Independent Festival with a Heart-Shaped Mind and Cutting Edge Soul.


See you In Ballinlough!

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