SOLAS at Latitude

SOLAS is the Irish word for light and at Latitude, light is the beacon and guide within this beguiling, enchanted area. SOLAS is a pulsating heartbeat in a woodland escape, a sanctuary space nestled among the dappled light of native conifers. By day a musical gathering awaits, evolving with the dwindling light into a nocturnal wonderland where mysterious happenings and melodic music create an illuminated reverie; the forest glades transform into an alluring, immersive environment featuring slow motion visuals and ambient soundscapes.

Whether for healing, yoga, relaxation or a multitude of eclectic art installations, SOLAS is the warming hearth of Latitude and invites you to slow down and engage with your surroundings in this transfixing environment.

Healing at SOLAS

Escape the hustle and bustle of the festival world and duck into the SOLAS Healing area where you can expect to be warmly welcomed and deeply rejuvenated from head to toe. Set in an entrancing pine wood, the wide range of professional treatments allow you to deeply relax while the workshops engage with your curiosity and wisdom.

Maybe you have never experienced a beauty pamper, Thai massage or shiatsu treatment; maybe you want to learn more about mindful living? We have a unique 360 degree meditation cinema, which envelops you in beautiful images while you are guided through calming, meditative process. This area is full of heartfelt surprises, so pay us a visit to be indulged in pine scented goodness that will enhance your Latitude experience.

Summer Solstice Weekend, June 23-25th 2017